Open your senses

Interactive immersive audiovisual 360° Experience

Resonate interact explore play

The final work of audiovisual artist Beatrixé for Kunsthochschule Kassel

expand your perception and explore your individual playful child in the collective experience

Resonanztraum Diplomarbeit Dokumentation

The sensitive playroom of senses reacts to sounds and movement and mixes reality with a magical world.

The people in the room themselves become the artists, performers and creators of the unique moment that enlivens the room.

The immersive experience connects people in a sensual way and encourages them to experience, discover, participate and play together. With a pleasant, tuned basic setting through sound and visualization, an inspiring, pleasant atmosphere is created in the room, which facilitates social interaction.

Creating an inexistent world somewhere between a dream and reality.
Kollektiv Eigenklang
MF Jäger
Johann Schlaufe

Visual Concept

The 4 Kinect Azure are located in the middle of the installation and are directed at the outer walls. RGB Cameras and the depth sensors register and react to movement and light in the room. The real visual perception becomes blurred with an extended reality that is controlled by the visitors. With live feedback-video projection the participants are automatically visually integrated into the projection and are animated to move and encounter their virtual mirror image.
Experience the interactive space